Long-term experience in building and developing Polish economy

Alstom employs about 3,200 people in power generation, grid, and transport sectors in Poland.
It has state-of-the-art manufacturing base:

-       in Elbląg: turbine factory and cast steel and cast iron foundries;
-       in Wrocław: generator factory – Alstom’s European excellence centre for turbogenerators;
-       in Chorzów: rolling stock factory;
-       in Łódź and in Warsaw: EPC project implementation centres;
-       in Katowice: an organisation offering services and equipment for grids.

With these facilities, it is possible to manufacture all key equipment locally and to ensure its servicing in Alstom’s service centres in Poland.

 Alstom contributes to the Polish economy development through constant investments (EUR 13.5 million in the years 2011/2012). Since the beginning of its activity in Poland, Alstom has focused on fast technological development. Starting from the 90s, Alstom has been the leader on the Polish market of coal EPC projects and the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for more than 95% of the installed fleet. Over 320 medium- and large-sized steam and gas turbines installed in power plants all over the world were manufactured at Alstom Power factories in Poland. Cast steel and cast iron foundries situated in Elbląg supply casings to Alstom’s other factories worldwide.

Alstom Grid Poland is the leading supplier of SF6 gas insulated switchgears (GIS), implementing key projects for the Polish power industry.

Alstom highly contributes to the Polish trade balance, exporting approx. 90% of its production in the power sector and 100% in the transport sector, supplying railway equipment to major European operators, such as French SNCF, German Deutsche Bahn or Italian Trenitalia.

Poland is also a key sourcing country for Alstom. In transport sector, over 20 local companies deliver products to ten Alstom Transport factories worldwide. The turnovers generated from cooperation with Polish suppliers rose by nearly 500% in the last years (from EUR 12.3 million in the years 2006/2007 to EUR 70.5 million in the years 2009/2010). Alstom cooperates with various Polish companies in order to implement not only Polish projects but also projects in Europe. In the power sector projects, Alstom subcontracted works to other companies such as Polimex, Rafako, Energomontaż Południe, Budimex, Remak, etc. in the last years.

Alstom Power plays a significant role in building modern power infrastructure in Poland. Alstom in Poland has completed many key infrastructure projects in the field of power generation:

- delivery of turnkey package of the machine hall with a cooling tower for Łagisza Power Plant: 460 MW unit;
- completion of the turnkey project to deliver machine hall with supercritical 470 MW turbine-generator set and a boiler for Pątnów Power Plant;
- turn-key modernisation of units nos. 1-6 for Turów Power Plant in the years 1995-2005;
- completion of the first comprehensive integrated retrofit project in Poland in unit no. 6 at Bełchatów Power Plant, increasing its power output by 20 MW and reducing CO2 emissions by approx. 600,000 tonnes per year.

Presently, Alstom is working on the modernisation of generators, turbines and electrofilters in units no. 7-12 at Bełchatów Power Plant, which will increase the power plant output by another 120 MW.

A new 858 MW unit, the largest generating unit in the Polish power industry history and the most efficient coal-fired unit in Poland, was commissioned in Bełchatów Power Plant in September 2011. Alstom’s extensive experience and unique technical expertise enabled to achieve higher efficiency and much better availability. The new 858 MW power unit meets all the requirements set out in the EU Directives in terms of pollution emissions and has a CCS ready status which means it is prepared to work with the CCS plant. In the future, CCS plant will capture approximately 1.8 million tonnes of CO2 annually.

In 2011, Alstom signed a contract with Elektrownia Rybnik S.A. for the delivery of a complete machine hall and a boiler for the new coal-fired supercritical 900 MW power unit.

Alstom Poland’s offer further includes the delivery of equipment for renewable energy. Presently, Elbląg organisation deals with engineering and manufacturing of 100 MW industrial steam turbines which are delivered to solar and geothermal power plants, incineration plants, as well as combined-cycle and biomass-fired power plants worldwide. With high turbine efficiency and the use of high-end technologies dedicated to “green energy”, Alstom Poland is able to meet the ever growing requirements in the field of natural environment protection. 

Innovativeness in the field of solutions offered by Alstom in Poland received two prestigious awards. In 2011, the Automatic Correction System (ACS) applied in turbine blades manufacturing won the first prize in the competition held by the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry for implementing the most innovative business solution. In 2012, retrofit solutions extending power plant lifecycle, reducing  its operation cost and increasing its efficiency and output received recognition in the form of the “Golden Laurel in the field of Innovativeness 2012” prize in the 2nd edition of the Polish National Competition “Laurel in the field of Innovativeness” for the Stanisław Staszic awards called “Staszice” held by the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Environment.

In the era of development and modernisation of power transmission grids, Alstom Grid is the leader in the field of implementing SF6 gas insulated switchgear (GIS) technology in Poland, offering integrated and comprehensive “turn-key” solutions, extensive range of products as well as technical and service support at each stage of project implementation – from power generation through transmission and distribution grids to end users.

Alstom Grid in Poland has experienced and highly qualified staff and high-class Smart-Grid-based technologies which are applied both in products and services. Alstom Grid in Poland key projects include:

- Łagisza GIS 110 kV project – the first and the most technologically complex 110 kV station in Europe;
 - Łagisza GIS 220 kV and GIS 400 kV project – first GIS switchgears installed in Poland on such a large scale;
- Żegrze GIS 110 kV project – one of few stations in Poland with the switchgear building situated partly underground;
- Ołtarzew GIS 110 kV, GIS 220 kV, GIS 400 kV project – the first station in Poland with one company delivering GIS switchgears for all high-voltage levels.

Alstom in Poland has been actively participating in the modernisation of the Polish transport sector. With the acquisition of Konstal, Poland’s oldest railway equipment manufacturer, Alstom has started the implementation of the largest ever modernisation programme. Adapting the factory to Alstom’s global manufacturing standards expanded its production capacity. So far, Alstom has invested over PLN 267 million in Chorzów factory (1997-2012). In 2013, it is planned to increase employment rate from 800 to approx. 1,150 persons. Combined with production volume doubled with the use of high-end equipment, it means a rise in the plant efficiency by approx. 50%. At present, ALSTOM Konstal S.A. is one of 32 rolling stock manufacturing plants in Alstom Group, supplying products meeting highest quality of safety global standards. In the years 1997-2005, Chorzów-based factory was manufacturing and delivering Metropolis cars for Warsaw metro and tramways for more than 10 Polish cities. With comprehensive implementation of projects covering the production of Metropolis metro cars for Budapest and Amsterdam, Chorzów-based plant became one of Alstom’s key metro car production centres.

In May 2011, Alstom signed a contract for delivery of 20 high speed trains for PKP Intercity to be the first such trains in Poland. These state-of-the-art comfortable new generation trains are supposed to improve travel conditions. The service centre (depot) for these trains (currently under construction) will secure 17-year guarantee service and full servicing facilities for trains.

Setting trends in innovative and environmentally-friendly technologies, Alstom places emphasis on development of human potential, manufacturing base modernisation, and application of state-of-the-art solutions which are tailored to clients’ needs and ensure their satisfaction.