Power Automation & Controls

Wroclaw based Power Automation & Controls (PAC) business has been operating successfully since 2010 delivering to Polish power plants state-of-the-art solutions such us: control systems, controllers, excitation systems, monitoring and diagnostic systems as well as software modules for plant and fleet optimization.

Within execution of Belchatow 858 MW unit at Belchatow Power Plant , PAC was responsible for comprehensive design, manufacture, assembly and delivery of complete DCS system, complete Turbine Governor Control based on ALSPA P320 – TGC V2+ and excitation system based on ALSPA P320 – AVR V2+ system together with excitation transformer and AC bus-ducts.

The product offer for Polish market covers:

ALSPA ControPlant

A complete and powerful Distributed Control System and Machine Controllers to cover clients needs during Thermal plants life. The ALSPA CONTROPLANTTM is well adapted to Power Plants requiring extreme level of availability and performance capabilities.

ALSPA ControSteam

ALSPA ControSteam is the advanced Steam Turbine controller covering the full range of ALSTOM ST. It is the result of a close and deep collaboration between ALSTOM process, mechanics and control expert teams. ControSteam addresses new projects for Combined Cycle Power Plant & Thermal Power Plant as well as retrofit projects.

ALSPA ControGas

ALSPA ControGas is the advanced controller covering the full range of Alstom Gas Turbines. It is the result of a close and deep collaboration between Alstom process, mechanical and control expert teams. This solution is a step ahead of competitors’ pro-ducts and exceeds market requirements.

ALSPA ControGen

ALSPA ControGen is Alstom’s latest excitation system for the control of all kind of synchronous generators up to 10.000 Amps field current. It offers a wide variety of innovative solutions to maximize the efficiency of the power plant, as well as customized solutions to meet your specific requirements. It shares common technologies with steam and gas turbine governors and distributed control systems for seamless integration.


AMODIS is a modular PC-based plant monitoring and diagnostic system. This system is comprised of several modules for each main power plant component and for the power plant overall. Each module can be installed independently or in combination with any of the others. ALSTOM PAC offer full scope of monitoring and diagnostics systems/modules for particular machines in power plant such as steam and gas turbine, generator, boiler, etc


OptiPlant is a range of plug and play software modules used for Plant and fleet optimization and management. All these modules are federated in a consistent IT infrastructure to provide the following benefits:

  • Permits maximization of components performance.
  • Supports machine diagnostics.
  • Prevents over-deterioration of components.
  • Prevents critical failure due to sudden component breakdown.
  • Increased repair efficiency.
  • Improved quality due to proper and fast information.
  • Reduction of outage & repair cost.
  • Supports predictive maintenance strategy.
  • Increases plant reliability and availability