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Transport solutions in Poland

Alstom Transport is represented in Poland by its ALSTOM Konstal S.A. Company in Chorzow. With more than 100 years of experience, ALSTOM Konstal S.A. is the leading manufacturer of rolling stocks in Poland. Our vast experience and expertise in meeting the quality and safety standards are highly valued among our clients both in Poland and abroad. ALSTOM Konstal distinguishes itself by newest assembly lines for state-of-the-art trams and metro cars, as well as for the production of large components, such as: painted car bodies, roofs, underframes and side walls. The company’s products are subject to strict testing stage including: leak, static and dynamic tests carried out on a special track in the factory.

The high quality of our products has been confirmed by numerous certificates issued by SNCF (French Railways) and DB (German Railways), an ISO 9001:2000 Certificate, as well as the IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) Certificate.

Key facts:

  • ALSTOM Konstal S.A. specializes in the production of metro trains & new generation trams,
  • The company is the only European manufacturer of undeframes for CITADIS trams,
  • The components produced in Poland are delivered to other Alstom Transport Sites worldwide,
  • ALSTOM Konstal produced and supplied Metropolis trains for the capital of Poland, as well as high- and low floor trams for a number of Polish cities: Warsaw, Katowice, Szczecin and Gdansk. In addition ALSTOM Konstal delivered Metropolis trains to Budapest and Citadis tramways to Istanbul.
  • In 2014 ALSTOM Konstal is due to deliver the first Pendolino train for Polish PKP Intercity,
  • In June 2011 ALSTOM Konstal launched the production of Metropolis trains for Amsterdam.