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An increasing need for power and transport set against the backdrop of global climate change means we must all seek innovative, sustainable answers. Alstom stands shoulder to shoulder with the world’s industry leaders in answering the planet’s most pressing challenges.

We ensure that every one of our solutions is conceived through a lifecycle design approach: every step of a product’s life - from materials, manufacturing processes and daily operating uses to upkeep and recycling - is taken into account and adapted to sustainability needs whenever possible.

Each of our three Sectors of activity - Power, Grid, and Transport - offers clean, smart and efficient products and solutions based on sustainable technologies, representing Alstom’s main contribution to environmental protection.

CSR - Smart Grid

Clean Grid

Alstom Grid is at the heart of these challenges, creating the energy highways that interconnect regions and countries.

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Clean mobility by Alstom

Preparing the future with ecological and economically efficient rail transport solutions.

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Clean Power, Clear Solutions

Clean Power, Clear Solutions

Every day around the world, we are working to make sustainable energy a reality. And we are doing it by providing clear solutions that deliver clean power

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