FKG - SF6 GCB / Retrofit activity

Many of today’s power plants are more than 20 years old and the need to extend their life time is increasing in today’s economic and energy context. For this reason, refurbishment or retrofit is necessary to renew the power plants by replacing the main equipment including the generator circuit breaker An old GCB needs more maintenance than a new one and can cause unscheduled shut downs. The maintenance of an old GCB requires a heavy budget and, most of the time; spare parts are not available anymore. A new GCB with the latest technology does not need maintenance during the first 5 years and offers a warranty period.

Our generator circuit breaker team can propose a pertinent retrofit offer, which fits the criteria of reliability, adaptability and availability of each project. From the site survey to erection, Alstom Grid proposes an integrated offer for the utmost time and cost optimisation including the engineering for the adaptation of the GCB to the available space, to the existing bus bars and existing civil works.

Key benefits
• Totally spring operated mechanism for utmost reliability, availability and quality
• Life extension
• Rapid installation
• Complies with International standard IEEE-C37.013 and IEC standards

Alstom grid Technical process
• Customized analysis
• Proposed solution
• Retrofit realisation

Alstom‘s retrofit process has been developed from experience gained on successful retrofits of over than 110 generator circuit breakers. We offer a wide range of retrofit solutions featuring SF6 and spring mechanism technology, to optimize solutions to meet the needs for all power plant sizes with sustained performance & reliability improvement.