FKG - SF6 Generator Circuit Breaker

Whether for installations in new power plants or for refurbishment of existing ones, by using our cutting edge technology in the field of spring operating mechanisms, ALSTOM Grid offers you the perfect Generator Circuit Breaker solution for your specific needs up to 28,000 A.

The FKG1, FKG2 and FKGA2 Circuit breakers provide you with the perfect solution for your specific needs from the circuit breaker alone to a combined solution including disconnector, earthing switch, starting switch, instrument transformers. It offers superior reliability and security up to 1000 MW power plants.

Main Characteristics 

  • Family FKG2 up to 9,500 A as nominal current and 63/80 kA as short circuit
  • Family FKGA2 up to 13,500 A as nominal current and 100 kA as short circuit
  • Family FKG1 up to 28,000 A as nominal current and 160 kA as short circuit
  • Complies with International standard IEEE-C37.013 and IEC standards

Key benefits 

  • Completely spring operated mechanism for utmost reliability
  • Optimized maintenance due to optional monitoring system
  • FKG: more than 40 years of experience
  • Breaker natural cooling up to 21,000 A

As one of leaders in the field of high voltage circuit breaker, ALSTOM Grid has been manufacturing FKG Generator Circuit Breakers since 1972 for Power Plants up to 1,000 MW. More than 2,600 FKG generator circuit breakers have been installed worldwide in applications including Nuclear, Hydraulic, Combined Cycle, Gas and Steam Turbines, Pump-Storage and Thermal Power Plants.