Value creation through innovation

Innovation, a pillar of the Alstom 2020 strategy, is both the key to technological differentiation and a means of creating added value and gaining a competitive edge.

Staying a step ahead

Alstom has built an international reputation on the performance and technological lead provided by its rail solutions. The company is determined to maintain its focus on innovation to set itself apart from other market players while establishing its competitive edge and reducing the total cost of ownership of its products.

This is why Alstom continues to invest in research and development. Its roadmap has three major goals: meeting the expectations of customers and passengers, more effectively; staying competitive; and integrating leading technological developments into its products and services.

In a world of evolving technology, Alstom’s products and services incorporate the latest advances in connected solutions (including sensors, communication networks and data transmission protocols for signalling, smart maintenance, real-time passenger information and new 5G high-speed wireless standards) and automated systems (such as monitoring solutions, virtualisation tools and cybersecurity).

An ecosystem of innovation and creativity

Alstom is also involved in nearly a dozen competitiveness clusters specialising in embedded systems and transport solutions for the future.  Furthermore, Alstom developed partnerships to strengthen its scope for innovation in line with its far-sighted approach.

Alstom encourages in-house creativity

Innovation awards 2015

Alstom supports its R&D efforts by fostering a strong culture of innovation within the company, embodied by the annual “I NOVE YOU” competition.

Open to all employees across all business lines and sites, the competition rewards creativity in everyshape and form, spanning products, systems, processes, sustainable development, Open Innovation and more.

Innovation at the heart of our solutions. Discover :