Integrated Products and Systems

Products business  designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of electrical equipment covering the whole high to ultra-high-voltage electricity transmission chain (from 52 kV to 800 kV in direct current and 1200kV in alternating current) which transmits electricity from the power stations via the high-voltage substations and electrical transmission grids to the large end users. It includes power transformers, gas-insulated substations (GIS), and air-insulated switchgear (AIS): such as live tank and dead tank circuit breakers, and disconnectors and instrument transformers. Alstom Grid is the world leader in disconnectors and instrument transformers.

Systems business supplies the grid management systems and manages the big turnkey projects – such as the recent contract for an extra-high-voltage substation for the Anpara power station in India, or the completion of the Gulf's largest HVDC converter station (3 x 600 MW) and the Network Management System that connects the Gulf Cooperation Council International Authority's (GCCIA)  six member states' energy systems.

Its expertise in power electronics makes it one of the world leaders in HVDC solutions. HVDC is today's most efficient and secure way of transmitting large quantities of electricity over very long distances. It is also the only way of interconnecting two asynchronous alternating-current grids. The quality of these alternating-current grids has also now grown significantly because of the FACTS (flexible alternating-current transmission systems) technologies in which Alstom Grid is one of the global specialists.

The Automation business plays an essential role in Alstom Grid's business. It provides utilities and industry with the mission critical software systems and equipment needed to manage the flow of electricity in transmission and distribution grids and to protect and control substations. The sector is the global leader in network management systems, with major references throughout the world.
Finally, as in all the businesses associated with the creation of infrastructure, the Service business of Alstom Grid provides a range of after-sales operations (repair, refurbishment, spare parts) and consultancy, assessment and training services.