Corporate Social Responsibility in China

Alstom is actively involved in environmental protection activties in China, fulfilling corporate social responsibility.

Involvement in local communities – Alstom Foundation work in China
2008: Launch of an environmental initiative with the Global Village Beijing (Chinese nongovernmental organisation) to support the design, manufacture and distribution of 46,000 reusable cloth shopping bags near the Alstom site of Tianjin, in support of the Chinese government decision to ban the distribution of free plastic bags by shops.  
2009: Contribution of the “Alstom Foundation for the Environment” to the development of China’s first national park in the Meili mountains in Yunnan province, by staging seminars, training park managers, involving local communities in conservation efforts and developing local industries such as bee keeping and setting up community-based eco-tourism ventures.
Donation program initiated in September 2009 by Alstom China volunteers team (80 Chinese employees) for The Hope School of the Yi and Miao Nationalities County of Yunnan Province which are a full-time primary schools in the rural area, with over 580 students children who are anxious to learn with limited resources (Delivery of 665 pieces of clothing, 902 books, 1566 stationeries and others necessity).
2010: The Tree Planting Project initiated by ABP won funding in the Alstom Foundation Awards 2010.

Offsetting the impact of Alstom’s activities - New factories fully respectful of environment
2008 and 2009:
•    The new WBC and the new Tianjin Hydro workshops have energy efficient design that will improve the working conditions of its workers while lightening Alstom’s environmental footprint. Architectural innovations, such as low-energy lighting, solar-powered water heater, and geothermal heat exchanger, etc were applies in order to reduce energy intensity and CO2 emissions.
•    The world’s first power transformer “Green factory” - SEC Alstom (Wuhan) Transformer: SAWT is designed and built in accordance with the principles of energy saving and emission reduction. Latest manufacturing technologies and standards are implemented in production and operations to ensure the highest level of product quality. The traditional diesel generator or boiler has been replaced by alternative environmentally-friendly solutions making the factory free of direct CO2 emissions. Waste of condensed water from steam is utilized as a new source of heat. Moreover The workshop are also equipped with energy saving applications such as energy efficient lights, solar energy powered exterior illumination system, rain water collection and storage system, breakthrough waterless flushing system to reduce water consumption and protect environment.

Building tomorrow’s company - Partnerships with China’s universities and sponsorships
Alstom has established solid partnership with China’s leading universities. The company has set up Alstom Scholarship in eight universities in China, including Huazhong University of Science & Technology (HUST), Xi'an Jiaotong University, Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU), Harbin Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University, Chongqing University, Southeast University and Hohai University. We have partnership agreements with HUST and “Ecole Centrale Du Pekin”. A number of joint R&D projects are under development between Alstom and top institutions such as HUST, Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Chongqing University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and etc. In addition, we provide summer internship by working with our university partners.
2007: Partnership agreements with Huazhong Science & Technology University (HUST), in developing cooperation to sustain and improve HUST’s knowledge in the domain of power and future employment opportunities of its students.
2008: Alstom signed an agreement with “Ecole Centrale Du Pekin”, with the objective to help the Chinese graduates start career and cultivate leadership. Alstom involved in tutorial training, projects, internships and graduate recruitment.