Grid Projects in China

In China, the new Sector, employing over 1,800 people, has set up 10 industrial sites, an R&D center and a number of offices across the country, bringing the total number of Alstom local employees to more than 10,000 working in 30 sites.

The transmission activities represented sales of approximately € 294 million in the country in 2009.

With a presence of more than 50 years in China, Alstom Grid has major references in transmission including:

High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC)
-    In partnership with China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI), Alstom Grid won a contract to deliver to State Grid of China (SGCCC) High Voltage Direct Current systems for projects interconnecting Ningdong to Shangdong areas (North-East of China) and the Three Gorges Dam to Shanghai in 2009.  
-    Alstom Grid was awarded by China Electric Power Research Institute and the Xuji Group Corporation a contract to supply H400 High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) thyristor valves to interconnect the Chinese and Russian power grids in 2007.  

Gas-insulated substation
In 2005, Alstom Grid was awarded contract by the Guangdong Pumped Storage Co. Ltd. (GPSC) to build a gas-insulated substation composed of eight 550 kV T155-type switchgear bays in Huizhou, helping transmit onto the grid the 2400 MW of electricity produced by the pumped storage power plant.

In 2010 Alstom Grid was awarded a 10 Million Euro system project for Shenyang BMW Brilliance phase II project in November, which is also the largest project for Grid in FY 2010.

Power Transformer
In railway sector, Alstom Grid won a 8.6 Million Euro deal to provide 20 sets 220 kV power transformers for Beijing to Shanghai line in 2010, the longest railway line in China.

Gas-insulated switchgear
In Power Generation segment, Alstom Grid signed a contract with Yunnan Jinsha River Hydropower company valued at 8 Million Euro to provide 550 kV GIS products, and it is a breakthrough for Alstom (Shanghai) Transformer Co. ltd in
hydropower industry.

In SGCC (State Grid Corporation of China) 2nd central bulk bidding, Alstom Grid was awarded total 4 Million Euro disconnector product in 2010.