Power Projects in China

Alstom Power Major Projects in China 

Alstom and its partner Dongfang Electric Group Corporation (DEC) have supplied more than 50% of the conventional islands in China (Daya Bay, Taishan, Ling Ao I&II, Hongyanhe). Alstom and DEC are also realizing for China Guangdong Nuclear Power Corporation (CGNPC) 2 x 1,750 MW ArabelleTM turbine-generator packages for the Taishan nuclear plant, the first in the country to use European Pressurized Reactor (EPR) technology. In 2010, Alstom signed contracts to supply Emergency Diesel Generators for Tianwan, Fangchenggang, Ningde and Hainan Changjiang.

As one of China’s leading hydro equipment producers, Alstom has widely involved in large hydro projects including Three Gorges (14×700 MW units), Guanyinyan (3×600 MW units), Liyuan (4×600 MW units) and Xianjiaba  (4×800 MW units). The 800 MW turbines designed, engineered and manufactured by Alstom for Xianjiaba are the world’s largest hydro turbines ever manufactured to date. Alstom Hydro China is also on export market with Bui project in Ghana (3 x 133MW Hydropower plant (HPP), subcontractor of Sinohydro) in 2009, Son La project (6 x 400 MW) and Song Tranh 2 project (2 x 96 MW) in Vietnam.

In 2008, WBC has been awarded for Luneng Hami (2 x 300 MW). After the completion of its new factory in Wuhan in end 2009, Alstom is now ready to bid for 300 to 1000 MW projects. First contract of replacement parts for two 160MW boilers for a refurbishment project in Brazil in June 2010.

Steam turbines:
In November 2007, Alstom Beizhong Power (ABP) signed its first contract in China with Huaneng for the Pingliang 2 project (2 x 600 MW). China Power Investment Corp. (CPI) awarded ABP with the contract for Guixi project (2 x 600 MW) in June 2008 and for Shentou I (2 x 600 MW) in March 2010.

Alstom provides operators of the installed base with optimized technology and service solutions, ranging from supply of spare parts to full operation and maintenance solutions for Boilers, Environmental Systems, Generators and Steam Turbine. Recent references include Daya Bay Inner Stator (contracted by UK) and Ling Ao/Daya Bay Spare exciter (contracted by UK) in 2009. On 1st April, 2010, Alstom successfully executed its first low Nox system retrofit for 2 x 350MW Mitsubishi Heavy Industry (MHI) Boilers (Lamma Island, Hong Kong).

Environment Control System (ECS):
Alstom installed Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) systems for Wuhan Iron & Steel (NID and FF design, supervision of erection and commissioning) in June 2008. Alstom has partnered with Longyuan to provide Sea Water Flue Gas Desulphurization (SWFGD) in 10 projects with a total of 9,760MW in China from 2005 to 2008. 2009 was a breakthrough year for Alstom ECS, who won two SWFDG projects: Mudra Phase IV ( 3x660MW) in India and Rabigh IPP (2x660MW) in Saudi Arabia. 2010 saw continuous growth of Alstom ECS. It won two more SWFGD projects: Vin Tan II in Vietnam (2x620MW) and JSW in India (4x300MW).

Power Automation and Control (PAC):
In China, Alstom provided power quality and plant efficiency services to clients including Huaneng Power International Remote Monitoring & Diagnosis Center (monitor 27 plants with total capacity 32GW), Heibei Zhangbei Lvnaobao Wind Farm (online monitoring system for 66 sets of 1.5 MW wind turbines), China Guangdong Nuclear Powe Group (37 units of generator controls for nuclear power plants), and various pumped storage plants (22 units of generator controls for pumped storage hydro plants).