Meeting today’s needs without compromising tomorrow

Alstom is a global player committed to economic and social development. The company converts this commitment into action by providing a wide range of innovative and environment-friendly technologies and solutions, to meet mobility needs, without endangering the future.

By 2050, more than 9 billion people will call the planet home, and 70% of them will be living in urban areas. Currently transportation depends heavily on fossil-based energy sources, generating greenhouse gases and pollutants. This will need to change in order to avoid long-term impacts on the environment, health and climate change. 

Rail, as one of the most energy efficient and least polluting of the motorised transportation modes, can contribute to attract travellers away from road transport. 

In a world of increasing expectations of seamless, green and optimised transport networks, it is essential that sustainable technologies are developed and implemented into our plans.

Our global approach to Sustainability is defined in our Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility policy. We report on progress on an annual basis.

Sustainability and CSR at Alstom

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