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Auxiliary converters

Alstom manufactures state-of-the-art auxiliary converter systems for its metros, regional trains, high-speed trains and locomotives for both its trains and those from other manufacturers.

Standard components and solutions

Alstom’s extensive range of standard, high quality solutions offer our customers safety, reliability and cost effectiveness. Alstom can provide standard auxiliary system solutions for metros, regional and high-speed trains and locomotives.

Alstom can also provide customised auxiliary system solutions with a high level of performance and quality. 

Designed and validated for your application

Converters can be supplied:

  • for all types of power supply: 750Vdc, 1,500Vdc, 3,000Vdc, 25kVac 50Hz, 15kV 16 2/3Hz etc.
  • to meet extreme operating environments and constraints: temperature variations (-50°C, + 50°C), 100% humidity
  • as force air cooled, naturally cooled and water cooled solutions
  • as packaging solutions: roof-mounted, underframe mounted or interior mounted cubicles
  • as lightweight, compact solutions

 Alstom can provide the right solution for your application.


Eco-design is at the heart of Alstom’s state-of-the-art technology solutions.

Thanks to the use of the latest silicon carbide semiconductor technology, its auxiliary converters are compact, lightweight and highly efficient.

Alstom’s solutions are optimised for low lifecycle costs and have high recyclability, thus limiting environmental impact. 

Worldwide presence – close to our customers

Sales, manufacture and after-sales support are strategically located around the globe placed to provide local support right where it is needed. 

Innovation and experience

Alstom’s solutions incorporate the latest generation silicon & silicon carbide semiconductor technologies.

Extensive research and development programmes combined with Alstom’s years of experience, simulation tools and product validation procedures provide our customers with the latest proven technology solutions validated to meet their applications.

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