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Mastria, multimodal solution

Mastria was designed to answer transport authorities’ need to operate several transport modes in a centralised and coordinated manner. It is an innovative multimodal system, which aims to streamline urban transport management by improving capacity and fluidity.

Smarter cities

Mastria is designed to meet the current and future needs of “smart cities” and can coordinate all types of public transport, from rail to road.

Orchestration of all public transport modes

Mastria orchestrates all public transport modes from rail to road (metro, train, tramway, suburban, bus). This innovative solution enables coordination and collaboration between the different agents from each transport modes.

Reduction of trip duration

Mastria uses advanced data analytics and alogrithms to predict and anticipate impact on traffic in order to optimise trip plan.

Decision making support

Mastria manages incident over the whole public transport network (trip plan, capacity adjustment). The coordination of the stakeholders includes also fire stations, security, and maintenance through mobile devices.

New mobility services

Mastria generates high quality information accessible through open data platforms for on-demand services such as car-sharing, self-service bicycle, parking services. All the information is provided in real-time from all transport modes.

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Mastria, multimodal solution