Alstom España, reconocida por su capacidad de innovación en los premios KPMG-El Confidencial


These awards acknowledge the best business initiatives carried out in Spain

 On 2nd February 2017, the third edition of the KPMG-El Confidencial business awards took place in Madrid. These awards recognize the best business practices carried out in Spain in the following categories: Innovation, Digital Transformation, Internationalization, Job Creation, Transparency / Good Governance and Diversity.

Alstom in Spain has been awarded for the Innovation category, thus acknowledging its internal processes and initiatives to promote R&D projects.

 In addition to Alstom, 17 other companies were awarded for their business excellence, such as Amadeus (job creation), Ibercaja (digital transformation), NH Hotels (internationalization), Gamesa (transparency and good government), Illunion and Gas Natural (diversity)

Contacto de prensa

Irma Aguado

(Alstom España)

Tel: +34 91 334 58 00