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Cybersecurity offer

Railway cybersecurity is today a critical topic. To support customers, Alstom with its partners offers a full range of cybersecurity products and services. It covers end-to-end advisory, protections and monitoring services to digitally secure railways operations.


End-to-end cybersecurity advisory, products, protections and monitoring services

Alstom supports its customers to assess and ensure cyber protection of their railway systems and infrastructure over the long term. Railway systems can be protected thanks to our global cybersecurity solutions. Alstom also monitors the system to detect and react at early stage to cyber-attacks.

Advice - Cybersecurity expertise

Combining cybersecurity expertise and deep industrial knowledge, Alstom can provide today consulting on to help the customer to define relevant cybersecurity objectives and procedures according to the identified risks and exposure.

Alstom offers technical support dedicated to railway systems cyber protection:

  • risk and security assessment
  • ad-hoc solutions to support operators to become compliant with new laws and/or cybersecurity best practices.

Alstom can also support the company cybersecurity transformation:

  • assess the current cybersecurity maturity level
  • support definition of the cybersecurity strategy
  • support definition of policies and operational processes relative to specific railway infrastructure
  • identify appropriate risk metrics and KPIs to communicate information on security performances
  • provide a clear roadmap for implementation.

Protect – Securing new build system

With its partners, Alstom can bring the necessary solutions to set up and operate cybersecurity management in line with railways real life. Cybersecurity is now embedded in all phases of Alstom products lifecycle from its inception, design, manufacturing, delivery and installation, operation and final disposal.

Our systems components are currently designed with cybersecurity at the core: hardened configuration, secured protocols, administration function protection, security events management and alerts.

Furthermore, dedicated products are specifically designed with hardware component and robustness assurance for cybersecurity functions such as: security zones interfaces, logs and events correlation, identification and authentication services.

Protect - Securing installed base

In order to secure customer installed base, Alstom prioritizes system and sub-systems protection depending on their exposure. Then, Alstom enters in the analysis phase of threat and vulnerability considering exposure and definition of mitigation. Finally, pragmatic solutions are proposed to secure the installed base: securing system with cybersecurity products and services, supporting processes evolution and delivering training and coaching.

Maintain - Sustain cybersecurity over the long term

Cybersecurity is a fast-evolving world. To adapt to the ever-changing landscape and threats, Alstom offers the following services to sustain the installed base security:

  • Vulnerability watch service
  • Patch deployment service
  • Periodic assessment service.

Monitor - Intrusion detection service

Alstom offers a railway cyberdefense center (SOC) to protect and monitor railway operators cyber assets in real time, 24/7/365 for an early detection of cyber-attacks. It analyses threats, generates early warnings, supports crisis management and intervention program preparation. Thanks to this solution, the operator benefits from a significant time reduction between attack detection and the response.

The cyberdefense center is seamlessly integrated to the operator’s railway infrastructure. It provides technical and operational overview of security status, enabling to take quick decisions in case of an intrusion. The solution is flexible and can be adapted to installed base.