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Urbalis Fluence

Urbalis Fluence is a CBTC solution whose intelligence is based onboard the train.  It offers operators very high capacity, reduced minimal headway, best-in-class operational availability and optimised lifecycle costs.

New signalling solutions

Alstom has expanded its Urbalis range with a highly innovative CBTC solution. Urbalis Fluence integrates innovations to simplify the complex route setting and interlocking functions, and completely merges these functions into CBTC.

A train-centric CBTC system

This new solution is an innovative train-centric CBTC system with more onboard intelligence and direct train-to-train communication which reduces technical response time and the number of interfaces. Urbalis Fluence meets the highest standards of safety assurance endorsed by official authorities.

Highest operational availability

With an innovative trackside architecture, failures are less frequent, zones impacted by failures are reduced, and degraded mode operations are facilitated - thereby achieving the highest operational availability. 

Greater transport capacity

Increased onboard intelligence reduces headways to 60 seconds. A performance made possible by shortening response times via direct train-to-train communication and through optimising track resources locking by the train in critical sections such as turn-back tracks.

Optimal investment and LCC

Urbalis Fluence reduces maintenance costs through having less equipment (20% less). Extensions are also easier and more economical to carry out due to the absence of inter-sector constraints.

Energy saving

The saving speed profile is calculated according to each operational context (peak / off peak). The system will make maximum use of train coasting to save energy by up to 30% when there are not enough trains on the line for optimum regenerative braking.

Urbalis Fluence