Ethics & Compliance in Alstom

Ethics & Compliance has full authority and independence through a direct reporting link to the Group General Counsel. Moreover, the SVP Ethics & Compliance has a direct access to the Alstom Chairman and CEO, to the Deputy CEO and to the Chairman of the Board EC&S Committee. The SVP Ethics & Compliance is then fully independent and has an unfiltered access to the governing authorities of Alstom. The Ethics & Compliance organisation comprises 20 people.

The mission of the Ethics & Compliance Department is to propose the Content of the Alstom Integrity Programme and foster its Implementation throughout the Group worldwide. The Group culture must embrace all the ethical best standards based on the Alstom values: Trust, Team, Action. This culture must permeate the whole organisation, the tone from the top being extended by the tone from the management up to the tone from the employees.

Alstom supports the “And”

Performance  AndIntegrity
Efficiency And Ethical behaviour
Profitability  AndTrust from stakeholders
Growth And Good Governance

Ethics & Compliance has a large scope covering ethics and compliance in Business Transactions and Personal Integrity. The scope covers in particular:


  • Prevention of corruption
  • Competition law
  • Business Advisors and Resellers
  • Sourcing and Supply Chain
  • Engineering and Project Management
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Charitable and Political contributions
  • Gifts and Hospitality 
  • Sponsorship