Alstom's Code of Ethics


Alstom has invested a great deal of effort in the deployment and integration of  ethical rules across the organisation. The first Code of Ethics was published electronically in the early 2000’s. In 2007, an updated version of the Code of Ethics was produced and the leaflet was distributed to all employees throughout the world. Updated once again and containing more detailed rules, it was issued at the beginning of 2010.

The Code of Ethics booklet is included in the information pack given to all new employees. Also available on Alstom’s intranet and public internet site, it is progressively being supplemented by very detailed instructions for each topic, widely distributed.

Code of ethic coverThe Code of Ethics: 

  • Provides official guidelines on key principles and commitments that must be met by individual employees and by the Group as a whole every day.
  • Emphasises that the Group must fully comply with laws, regulations and requirements in all countries where it operates.
  • Stresses the need for transparency, integrity and loyalty, as well as fair and honest behaviour in relations with customers, suppliers, competitors, shareholders, employees, governments, regulatory institutions and the public.
  • Highlights our three fundamental rules with regard to competition law, prevention of corruption, and accuracy and disclosure of financial information.
  • Details the Alert Procedure which allows to report violations of anti-corruption, competition and securities and accounting laws and regulations through various channels of reporting, including a secure web site ( and a hotline using a toll-free number.
  • Introduces the Alstom Integrity Programme, implemented and monitored throughout the Group under the responsibility of the SVP Ethics & Compliance.