Business model

In order to provide our customers with high quality, cost-efficient solutions in the competitive railway market, we aim to work with our strategic partners in development and delivery from the earliest design phase through to execution in the market.

Together, our innovation yields greater results.

The core of Alstom Alliance is to establish long-term, win-win partnerships with valued suppliers. 

Alstom has established a Committee to evaluate and approve Alliance suppliers nominations. Composed of the top line Alstom Management and chaired by our Chief Purchasing Officer, the committee regularly assess the program’s performance.

The committee is also responsible for appointing a dedicated Alstom Alliance Manager for each approved supplier.

Alstom Alliance business model

Alstom Alliance suppliers are asked to: 

  • provide quality, excellence, and world-class delivery rates
  • meet industry standards and Alstom Supplier Quality assessments
  • be robust and innovative in engineering and design capability
  • invest in research and development in alignment with Alstom's own product and development strategies

In return, Alstom offers: 

  • Efficient support for mutual continuous progress through our industry experience
  • Higher potential volume for suppliers by enhancing opportunities in new tenders
  • Shared competitiveness through mutually beneficial technological breakthroughs
  • A substantially increased share of Alstom's purchases