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Australia: Rebuilding a community hall in Callignee

Objective: Applying eco-design to rebuild a community hall destroyed by bushfire.

Afghanistan: Well drilling

Objective: To provide isolated villages with access to clean drinkable water.

Algeria: Renovation of Draria SOS Children’s Village

Objective: Renovation of buildings providing homes to 142 children deprived of their biological families.

Argentina: Rainfall harvesting and solar energy

Objective : Secure water access and sustainable energy generation for 4 schools and 2 communities.

Argentina: "Cascos Verdes" (Green Helmets)

Objective: Raising environmental awareness through the implementation of socially inclusive programmes.

Argentina: Rainwater harvesting for schools

Objective: Rainwater harvesting systems for isolated schools in Chubut Province

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Bhutan: Eco-stoves for a rural community

Objective: The introduction of efficient and low-emission cooking stoves to the local community to reduce environmental pollution and related health effects.

Brazil: Creation of a training centre in Vila Pridente favela

Objective: this training center for a favela’s vulnerable youth will help enhance their employability

Brazil: Alternative garden sewage station

Objective: Promote suitable sewage treatment stations in small communities using special plants and sand filters.

Brazil: Atlantic Forest Reforestation

Objective: reconnect the Brazilian Atlantic Forest fragment.

Bangladesh: Bamboo boats

Creation of a composite to build better boats and reduce deforestation

Bhutan: Pico Hydro rural communities

Objective: Create an easy access to electricity for the local community thanks to pico hydropower and reduce deforestation.

Bhutan: Solar dryers for rural communities

Objective: A solar dryer improves nutrition for rural Bhutanese communities and reduce pollution levels.

Brazil: Sustainable development in Pratigi

Objective: Restore the social and environmental equilibrium in the municipality of Nilo Pecanha

Brazil: Eco-school

Objective: implement environmental education and sustainability programme at a public school in the state of São Paulo.

Brazil: Pedala Zezinho

Objective: Restore the social and environmental equilibrium in the municipality of Nilo Pecanha

Burkina Faso: Green Farming Cooperative

Objective: improve farming output to fight famine and create a local economy.

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Cambodia: A photovoltaic plant at the PSE Centre

Objective: Solar panels improving electricity self-sufficiency for a vocational center welcoming 1,500 scavenger children.

Croatia – Supporting a local NGO for children with growth difficulties

The Foundation is financing a heating solution for a sensory rehabilitation centre in Karlovac – 60km away from Zagreb.

China: Green bags

Objective: Raise environmental awareness around the Alstom site in Tianjin, China.

Cambodia : Renewable energy for Micro enterprise development

Objective : Focus on finding renewable energy sources and building multi-energy eco-stoves for small scale food processing entrepreneurs.

Chile: Rebuilding three Sagrada Familia public schools

Objective: participate in the reconstruction of public school infrastructure.

Chile: Vocational technical school

Objective: Provision of vocational technical training for vulnerable youth at a school in a disadvantaged area of Santiago

Chile: Quillanue eco-school model

Alstom’s employees working with a local NGO to provide the implantation of an Eco-School

China: Tree Plantation

Objective: support Beijing’s afforestation efforts

China: Meili Mountains National Park

Objective: protect bio-diversity in the Meili Snow Mountains of Yunnan Province

Congo: Clean Drinking Water for N’Seke, DRC

Objective: Repair and purify a water system for potable water

Colombia: Transfronterizo

Objective: Two local markets enhance the economic development of traditional producers trained to master ecological agriculture techniques.

Colombia: Pilot Project micro-library in Paluato

Objective: Contribute to community development in a remote area of Colombia through implementation of a library providing books and training.

Colombia: Seeds of confidence

Development of urban agricultural activities

Congo: Electrification of Mwenga Hospital

Improving health infrastructures

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Ethiopia: Improve access to health services

Objective: Improve access to health services for the isolated populations of the 5th region of AFAR zone.

Ethiopia: Fish farming at small scale level in irrigation canals

Objective: Fish farming at small scale level in irrigation canals

Egypt: Protecting the rights of street children

Objective: An improved protection of the rights of children and youth in street situations

Egypt: Waste Collection Scheme

Objective: To develop a sustainable economic scheme around waste collection for young garbage collectors.

Ecuador: Inundaule Project

Objective: To support and encourage sustainable agriculture and help enhance the farmers’ income in local communities.

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France: Change your Approach, eco-tourism

Objective : Support and improve the "Change your approach" ("Changer d'approche") web portal encouraging locals and tourists to use alternative way of transportation in the region. 

Florida: Solar Powered Charity

Objective: To provide shelter for the mentally handicapped in the Florida towns of Boca Raton and West Palm Beach.

France: Train des Mouettes/Train of Seagulls

Objective: Protecting the local environment: enhancement of a touristic train route through the refurbishment of a historical coach.

France: Integration through education

Objective:  support of a school for pupils with special needs

France: No long term unemployment

Objective: To help people experiencing long-term unemployment getting access to stable and lasting jobs.

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Guatemala: Craft and eco-tourism in El Mirador

Development of touristic potential & woodwork

Guatemala: Ecotourism for sustainable community development

Objective: Create ecotourism around El Mirador for the benefit of the Uaxactun and Carmelita communities.

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Haiti: Rebuilding Haiti with Solar Clinics

Objective: Provide a health clinic with solar power in a region welcoming a lot of refugees.

Haiti: Peligré School rehabilitation

Objective: Restauration of the Péligre School and facilities

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India: Tara Girls Phase 2

Objective: A home of education for empowerment of young Indian girls

India: A solar-powered school for the Himalayas

Objective: A solar-powered school for the Himalayas

Israel: Installation of a photovoltaic roof-top system at Neradim Children’s village

Objective:  To save operational costs in a sustainable way for a neglected children’s village 

India: Skill development for a better life

Objective: To train 20 women to cut, sew, embroider material to produce hand crafted goods.

Indonesia: Access to clean water

Objective: Install a solar water pumping system for a village in Panggang region where water access is difficult.

India: Akshaya Patra kitchen

Objective: A bio-waste management project - Recycling kitchen waste to reduce and replace hydrocarbon usage to save energy

India: Alstom Eco-village

Fighting poor hygienic conditions in Durgapur thanks to clean wells, energy access and a sanitation unit.

India: improving living conditions of the local community in Kolar and Bangalore

Objective: to improve the living conditions of women in a local community and address the lack of education and lack of environmental awareness

Italy: emergency food and overnight shelter

Objective: to provide night shelter and food for the homeless persons in Savigliano

India: employability, resilient livelihoods & improved health for women and girls in Madhepura

Objective: enhance skills and capabilities of women and girls for resilient livelihoods and improved health outcomes 

Indonesia: Bamboo conservation

Objective: Replant rare bamboo as it plays an important role for rural development

India: small homes, big dreams

Objective: Support marginalized and socially excluded children living in and around Bangalore city

Indonesia: Bridging communities

Objective: Alstom funded and erected a bridge in Sengkang, a remote part of southwest Indonesia.

India: Dry gasifier

Objective: Develop and deploy dry gasifier units in 65 existing mini power plants.

India: Windmills for Salt Farmers

Objective: to replace diesel generators in salt farms with low-cost windmills.

India: Tara Home for girls

Objective: create a home for 20 young vulnerable or orphaned girls in New Dehli

India: Green Orphanage

Objective: Alstom is funding a green orphanage.

India: Kumaun Spring recharge initiative

Objective: use hydrogeology to recharge springs in the Kumaun Himalayas.

India: Integrated Natural Resources “Silver Jubilee Project”

Objective: Use natural means to fight soil erosion and provide energy

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Kenya: Kristy Cape Academy electrification

Objective: 10 windmills are being installed to provide sustainable energy for 300 pupils and the local community

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Laos: Hydropower in Phongsaly Province

Objective: the electrification of remote villages thanks to hydropower, promoted by the Ministry of Energy's strategic development of rural electrification in Laos.

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Mexico: Rehabilitation of 2 schools

Objective: Rebuild 2 schools in the suburbs of Acapulco, a region that was very much affected by Hurricanes Ingrid and Manuel.

Malaysia: sustainable waterfall adoption programme

Objective: Protecting the Malaysian eco-system and spreading awareness about waste disposal

Mexico: Sustainable coffee agroforestry

Objective: To support 400 coffee farmers in their sustainable coffee production and reforestation efforts.

Mexico: rescue and preservation of the Ambystoma Salamander

Objective: Promote sustainable ranching and environmental awareness in the Janos Valley Grasslands.

Mexico: Solar energy, water and biomass to improve lives

Objective: To help 20 families gain access to renewable energy, harvest rain water and build eco-stoves.

Mexico: Birds of Prey

Objective: create a protected habitat for birds of prey 

Mexico: La Patrona Community Kitchen

Objective: To help a rural community in Mexico to produce its own energy source through a hybrid system.

Mali: Well Digging

Objective: To build wells and plant trees to protect the local communities and the environment in the Dogon, Mali.

Mexico: Renewable energy sources (hybrid system)

Objective: To help a rural community in Mexico to produce its own energy source through a hybrid system.

Morocco: Tanger Express for the environment

Objective : To bring sustainable access to energy and water to 6 primary schools and develop environemental education.

Mexico: Mayan women for sustainable future

Objective : To help Mayan women in poor rural communities to develop Melipona bees cultivation to improve their income and preserve ecosystem balance.

Mexico: Promoting Green Technologies

Objective: Promote sustainable ranching and environmental awareness in the Janos Valley Grasslands.

Mexico: Protection of the Papaloapan river

Objective: Initiate reforestation along the river together with training forest guards and clean up the riversides.

Mozambique: Mocumbi Mission water supply

Objective: Mocumbi Mission water supply in Mozambique

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Nepal: Durlong Khola project

Objective: Giving electricity access to 7000 households – The construction of a 900kW hydropower plant in Nepal.

North Korea: Wind Energy

Objective: A wind energy project was planned to reduce reliance by rural North Korean farmers on electricity from the national grid.

Nepal: score village trial

Charge your phone with a kitchen stove – A design created by universities to provide electricity whilst cooking.

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Peru: Mano a Mano Project

Objective : To construct 2 green parks at the center of communal life in Los Jazmines.

Philippines: Improving lives of population affected by typhoons

Objective : To help local communities recover from typhoon disasters by providing support to permanent shelters and homeless families

Peru: Construction, quality improvement and environmental sustainability of Lunita de Paita school

Objective: Extension of the built facilities of the Lunita de Paita pre-school to the increase educational capacity and environmental awareness.

Panama: Mamoni Wildlife Conservation Centre

Objective: Create a conservation center in this important eco-region, involve the local population in its protection.

Peru: Lunita de Paita Children Centre

Objective: Helping 720 Peruvian families through a better school infrastructure.

Peru: Huacas del Sol y de la Luna

Objective: The valuing of the archaeological site for the development of the Moche countryside community.

Peru: Sustainable Development of INICUDE’s school

Objective : To help a school to switch to sustainable life improvements such as solar energy and the building of a greenhouse.

Panama: Renewing Panama’s education

Objective : To rehabilitate a Panama school housing 1.200 students.

Peru: La Ensenada Project

Objective: Insuring professional training for women in construction to reduce misogyny

Phillipines: Reforesting Mangroves

Objective: Helping communities to reforest.

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Romania: Dignified jobs for at-risk youth

Objective: Providing dignified jobs for at-risk youth in Romania

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South Africa: the Micro-Energy Alliance Project

Objective: provide inexpensive energy efficient and renewable energy solutions

South Africa: Refurbishing the Nndebele High-School in Duduza

Objective: to convert high-school classrooms into a technical school in a disadvantaged township near Alstom’s new South African site

South Africa: Eco-schools

Objective: A programme to instruct students in indigenous vegetation, growing food, composting and soil erosion, recycling and saving water and energy.

South Africa: Sustainable Cultural Platforms in Capetonian Schools

Promote music in disadvantaged schools

Senegal: health center and maternity ward in Bassar

Objective : To build and equip a new health center, renovate an existing one to accomodate a maternity and ensure sustainable access to water and energy. 

Sudan: Empowering women to protect the environment

Objective: Involve women in the rehabilitation of the environment in areas affected by displaced people.

Senegal: Solar water pumping equipment

Objective : To equip farms with solar water pumping capacity.

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Thailand: 100 000 trees to reduce global warming

Objective: Plant 100,000 trees in Thailand to reduce global warming and promote awareness of environmental diversity

Tanzania : Electricity for 18 schools in Iringa

Electrifying 18 schools thanks to solar energy, using business model in rural Tanzania

Thailand: Towards a Zero Waste Community

Objective: Educating children at school to spread waste valorisation

Tanzania: EGG Clean Electricity Provision

A sustainable and creative approach to use solar panels providing electricity to more than a 1000 people. 

Tajikistan: Facing disabilities

Objective: Provide professional trainings for parents and youth (between 14-18) to create self-employment and income-generating actions .

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USA: Dedicated nature play venue for children with autism and sensory disorders in Brevard Zoo

Objective: Enable children with autism and sensory disorders to meet animals and explore nature without the distraction of other visitors

USA: Autism Project of Palm Beach County

Objective: An eco-garden and vocational training for children and young adults diagnosed with autism

UK: Improving social mobility for youth in Liverpool

Objective: Encouraging disadvantaged youth to aim high who otherwise would not know how to start.

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Vietnam: Bamboo boats Phase 2

Objective: create bamboo-based composite for sustainable boat building

Venezuela: Sustainable agricultural production center

Objective : To refurbish and develop a sustainable agro productive centre to provide food for a school.

Vietnam: Green communities for children in the Mekong Delta

Objective: Green communities for children in the Mekong Delta

Vietnam: Village model farms in Tan Lang Commune

Objective: Malnutrition - Acknowledging the issue with local communities and enabling the production of nutritious food to reduce blindness risks

Venezuela: Project Delta Warao

Objective: Create an experimental learning centre for health, environment and sustainable development.

Vietnam: Enhanced household food production

Objective : To continue supporting local households in Son La province to producte homestead food and improve their bio-agriculture practices.

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