Bhutan: Pico Hydro rural communities

Bhutan lies in the Eastern Himalayas and the Royal Government considers electrification as a priority to reduce poverty and enhance sustainable development. However, the village of Phumzur cannot be connected to the national electrification grid due to its remote location.  

Due to the fast running streams in the area, pico hydropower schemes revealed to be a cost effective alternative to enable the community to be self-sufficient regarding its electrical needs in a sustainable way.

Local people can become producers, users and sellers of electricity. It will also lower the fuel wood usage and reduce deforestation in the area. 

Key figures

Location: Phumzur, Bhutan

Beneficiaries: 17 households

Duration: 18 months


Tarayana Foundation 

Partners Tarayana Foundation LogoThe Foundation works towards building a happy and prosperous Bhutan. It was established in 2003 by Her Majesty the Queen Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck and focuses on helping remote communities lacking in socio-economic development. The foundation thrives to develop volunteerism amongst the Bhutanese youth, together with improving access to health services and children’s right to education, and fostering micro finance.

PEEDA (Nepalese NGO)

Taranaya will lean on PEEDA to get the required expertise for this project as this NGO ran a similar mission in Nepal. In general, it thrives to develop sustainable energy in order to reduce poverty alleviation.

Sponsor: Frederic Teyssedou

Promoter: Daniel Tappeiner

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