Brazil: Eco-school

Objective: implement environmental education and sustainability programme at a public school in the state of São Paulo.

The Alstom Foundation has partnered with Sistema Ambiental to renovate the Deputado Augusto do Amaral public school in São Paulo and convert it into a model green site. This school in a disadvantaged neighbourhood will instruct its teachers and 1,000 students on the environment.

The project’s aims include:

  • restoring an abandoned green space to include vegetable and seedling gardens, an organic residue composter, and a water retention tank.
  • workshops in environmental responsibility: selectively collecting waste and reusing materials.
  • healthy eating and health and hygiene campaigns which promote the use of medicinal plants
  • the sustainable construction of a 75m2 room for environmental activities
  • Field trip to the Viverde School, another eco-school, to learn about eco-projects

The Eco-School project in Brazil has now ended - and with great success: 960 students and a combination of 40 school teachers, coordinators and employers were involved in over 50 educational sessions, both practical and theoretical. Five editions of a community newsletter were created and two events were held to further the education and understanding of environmental issues.

Towards the end of the project, students and teachers decided that they would continue to work on environmental projects. Each teacher developed an environmental project within his or her subject matter (Portuguese, maths, geography, art, etc.). Among the topics chosen for study were water, waste, urban green areas, renewable energy, extinct species, wood extraction and biodiversity. The Alstom Foundation has provided knowledge, support and materials for the teachers to carry out these projects.

Brazil eco-school

Workshops in environmental responsibility in Brazil

Workshops in environmental responsibility in Brazil

Water retention tank in Brazil

Water retention tank in Brazil

Sistema Assessoria Ambiental is an environmental consulting firm specialized in all broad environmental legal and technical aspects concerning firms and industries in Brazil.

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