Chile: Quillanue eco-school model

Alstom’s employees working closely with a local NGO to provide the implantation of an Eco-School benefiting to children with intellectual disabilities. 

This project promoted the expansion of an eco-school hosting children with intellectual disabilities. The school already offered different workshops such as sewing, providing work opportunities for 80% of its students and in addition, the project implemented infrastructures to develop gardens, solar ovens, recycling programs, teachers’ training and compost devices. 

The objectives of this eco-model school are to care for the children and youth and bring them closer together. It also develops their capacity to adapt and better relate with their social and family environment. It also provides a successful model for other communities to follow in order to develop environmental activities.This project was a real success and triggered the participation of 250 volunteers including about 100 persons from the local Alstom site.  

Key figures:

Beneficiaries: 222 students from 3 to 26 years old. 

Duration: 1 year

Location:  Lo Padro Community 

Status: Completed


Fundacion Miparque  

logo Foundacion mi parque chileThe Foundation is a non-profit organisation created by a group of architects in 2007. Since then, it gathered several awards thanks to its innovativeness and originality. Its actions improve people’s life quality and raise awareness of environmental issues mainly in urban areas located in disadvantaged neighbourhoods. It has led more than 50 projects at a national level improving the life of 152,000 people.

Sponsor: Julio Friedmann Promoter: Maria Lefort

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