Chile: Rebuilding three Sagrada Familia public schools

Objective: participate in the reconstruction of public school infrastructure

The commune of Sagrada Familia was one of the worst hit by the February 2010 earthquake that devastated Chile, destroying nearly 400,000 homes and killing 500 people. The Alstom Foundation acted out of an emergency humanitarian fund in the wake of the disaster to help rebuild the community’s three public schools: the Monseñor Enrique Cornejo, La Valdivia and La Isla.

The Alstom Foundation partnered with the Mustakis Foundation to provide the schools with new infrastructure dedicated to multimedia education and childcare. The Sagrada Familia schools will be the first public schools in Chile to benefit from:

  • 66 netbooks and three laptops 
  • three mobile technology labs
  • the creation of storytelling corners and reading spaces in libraries
  • storytelling training for teachers  
  •  creation of a “kit bag of Chilean myths”

Key Facts:

: The Sagrada Familia commune public schools

Duration: 1 year (emergency action) 

The Mustakis Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to developing the cultural, intellectual and creative potential of youth. 

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