Chile: Reforestation with native trees

At the beginning of the year 2017, Chile suffered the worst widespread forest fires in its history – losing 600,000 hectares of which 114,000 hectares was native woodland. Alstom Foundation wishes to contribute to the restauration of this national environmental treasure.
This project is part of a plan to plant one million native trees over 5 years. Alstom will contribute to the reforestation of 7 hectares of land (2450 trees, drip-irrigation system, maintenance and watering during 2 summers, perimeter fencing and signposting). An educational program for 120 people from 2 state schools is also planned.


o2450 trees + shrubs planted; drip-irrigation system; maintenance + watering for 2 summers; perimeter fence and signposting


Location: Maipú District, Santiago - Chili

Duration: 25 months


Partner: Corporación Cultiva 

Sponsor: Guillermo Bonilla - HR Director - Chile.

Promoter: Denis Girault - VP Service South LAM - Chile

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