China: Tree Plantation

Objective: support Beijing’s afforestation efforts

2011 is a particularly special year for China, with respect to forests: it marks the 30th anniversary of the National Compulsory Tree Planting Campaign in China, and it was also declared the International Year of Forests by the UN to raise awareness of conservation and sustainable development of all forests. In honor of these accomplishments, the Alstom Foundation is supporting the “Building up Green Beijing, Sharing Ecological Culture – Alstom Forest” afforestation project.

2011 trees, symbolic for the year, will be planted in West Beijing’s Mentougou District to improve the ecological environment and facilitate sustainable development in the area by raising awareness of the issue. After plantation, the “Alstom Forest” will be maintained by the Afforestation Office of Beijing Mentougou District Government.
In the meantime, project partner Beijing Afforestation Foundation will provide ongoing supervision of the project to ensure the survival of the trees and thriving growth of the forest.

Key Facts:
30th anniversary of the NCTPC
2011 trees to be planted

The Beijing Afforestation Foundation is dedicated to protecting Beijing’s existing forests and seeks to turn it into a green city.

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