Colombia: Transfronterizo

Two local markets enhance the economic development of traditional producers trained to master ecological agriculture techniques. 

Degradation of the environment by intensive agro business, deforestation and chemical fertilisers jeopardise the lifestyle and the traditional agriculture known as ‘Shagra’ amongst the Columbian producers (Shageros). Therefore, the Pasto people are concerned about respecting ‘mother earth’ when cultivating lands and preoccupied with sustaining their resources for future generations. 

The objective of the project is to create an experienced network of shageros with ecological agriculture techniques. 

Local partners organised the training of 300 producers on agro-ecological practices to reduce pollution and increase direct sales.  Two local markets were also created to develop an economical support on a short supply chain. 

By April 2013, 420 people received training, 2 exchange programs were installed between producers, and 1000 leaflets about ecological agro-culture methods were handed out to promote the practices together with the amelioration of the local markets’ infrastructures. 

Key figures:

Location: This project runs across 10 different Pasto Indian territories located in the Nariño department, in the south of Colombia and the north of Ecuador. 

Beneficiaries: Local farmers and communities

Length: 12 months

Status: Completed


PARTNERS AVSF LOGOAssociations Agronomes et Vétérinares Sans Frontieres is a non-profit organisation with 30 years of experience in rural development. Its main objectives are to secure peasant agriculture, ensure food security of rural and urban population, sustainably protect and manage natural resources and achieve economic and social integration through local jobs and revenues creation in rural areas. 
 ‘Association of Indigenous Traditional Authorities: ‘Shaquiñan’ is AVSF local partner since 2008. 


Sponsor: Juan Celis Promotor: Francois Soubadere

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