Congo: Clean Drinking Water for N’Seke, DRC

Objective: Repair and purify a water system for potable water

A rusty and damaged 60-year-old water system brought contaminated water to the villagers of N’Seke, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Katanga province. Water purification tablets have become their only means of getting water safe enough to shower in, but not to drink. Contaminated water carries many diseases or intoxications, such as botulism, often with high infant mortality rates, but these facts are not well known by the N’Seke villagers.

The Alstom Foundation teamed up with NGO Objectif O to repair and sanitise N’Seke’s water station, and provide hygiene education to the villlage’s population. Over the course of six months, the project will seek:

  • the refurbishment and sanitisation of the water station, providing 100 m3 of clean water to N’seke village,
  • to provide hygiene training and education on the links between water sanitation, hygiene and diarrheal diseases.
  • to provide maintenance training to upkeep the water purification system
  • education on water economy

Key facts:

Beneficiaries: over 2,000 people.

Duration: 1 year

Clean water provided: 100m3


Objectif O is a Belgian non-profit organisation that seeks to give every person access to drinkable water. It works very closely with the United Nation Children’s Emergency Fund and finances and manages harnessing and purification projects in the three areas most severely affected by the lack of potable water: Africa, Latin America and Asia. 

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