Congo: Electrification of Mwenga Hospital

Improving health infrastructures

Electrification of the Mwenga hospîtal thanks to solar panels, increasing the time of operations and care. 

This public hospital is the only health infrastructure in this province counting more than 120,000 people. Since 2008, it is supported by the Foundation "AVSL Fraternité au Kivu" that realised the important need for training, care and better infrastructures at the Mwenga hospital.

At the moment, the hospital gets its electricity from a single 6kVA diesel unit, restricting the range of possible operations. The Foundation will take part in this project thanks to the installation of 120m2 solar panels producing 80kWh/day. 


Location: Mwenga, South Kivu Province

Beneficiaries: Hospital (saving $300/month) 

Duration: 1 year


ASBL Fraternité au Kivu

Ingénieurs sans Frontières (Engineers without Borders) 

Sponsor: Marcel Miller 

Promoter: Philippe Blairon

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