Egypt: Protecting the rights of street children

Partner NGO Samusocial International will develop its support to children and youth living on the streets of Cairo  by providing them with medical, social, psychological and legal services through its mobile units. Street outreach will be carried out five nights a week, visiting at least 19 sites where such children are located with a rotation of two mobile teams each composed of a doctor, a social worker and/or a psychologist and a driver/social assistant. It intends also to refer cases to reception centers and shelters hosted by partner NGOs.

Samusocial will also provide 6 trainings to employees (social workers, doctors, supervisors and psychologist) working in local partner NGOs, in order to enhance and improve the quality of services provided to the street children by other organizations. 


Location: Cairo, Egypt

Duration: 1 year


Partner NGO: Samu Social International

Sponsor: C. Ayad – HRD Egypt

Promoter: W. Donia – HRBP Egypt

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