Ethiopia: Fish farming at small scale level in irrigation canals.

To initiate pond trout farm in the 2 farmer's cooperatives - Furuna and Ebo Ejersa - and provide sustainable supplementary income and fish supply and create job opportunities for the local community. 

The objectives focused on introducing and expanding Trout fish farming practice, to improve and diversify the livelihoods and sources of income of local river adjacent communities living on the edge of protected forest areas through fish farming. It also added an alternative for local farmers engaged at the moment in crop farming creating new opportunities and livelihood for the young unemployed. 

The activities included the advice and participation on the construction equipment of 2 fish ponds, the supply of 5,000 fingerlings, training on pond fish management, training on fish feed preparation/production, preparation of training manuals, provision of a fish farm technician for fish growth monitoring and farmers follow-up. 

Key figures

Location: Adaba Woreda, West Arsi Zone, Oromia Region, Ethiopia 

Duration: 1 year 

Status: Completed 


Fish for all

A well-known national NGO with a network through the country, involved in implementation of many fishery development project.

The Private Trout Fish Farmers PLC

 It is run by a French Veterinary Economist working on fish farming and consultancy services in Ethiopia 

Sponsor: Bernard Gellert

Promoter: Krish Sankaran

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