France: Integration through education

In the western suburb of Paris, not far from Alstom’s Headquarters, a special school is being developed for children for whom the regular school system is inappropriate. It recognizes that the regular school system is less adapted to the specific educational challenges of children from disadvantaged areas with school difficulties. Failure at school is specifically worrying in this environment. Three classes are currently running. As the local council provides the school premises, the aim of the project is to financially support other costs such as provision of  pedagogic equipment, uniforms…


Location: Asnières-sur-Seine, France

Duration: 6 months


Partner NGO: Fondation Esperances Banlieues

Sponsor: JP Goepfert – HR VP France

Promoter: E. de Menditte – HRD France

France: Integration through education

© Fondation Espérance Banlieues

© Fondation Espérance Banlieues

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