Haiti: Rebuilding Haiti with Solar Clinics

Objective: Provide a health clinic with solar power in a region welcoming a lot of refugees
Haiti is still recovering from its devastating 2010 earthquake which destroyed the country’s infrastructure, injured millions and created waves of refugees. Without consistent electricity, health clinics have been depending on costly diesel generators which reduce funds for actual health care.
In Bellodène, Haiti, the Foundation has been working in partnership with the Solar Electric Light Fund and Partners in health to provide solar panels for a health clinic. 

The solar panels will provide:

  • 20 KW of power
  • reduce diesel generator use and thus costs
  • installation and maintenance jobs for locals.  

Key Facts

Location: Bellodène, Haiti

Beneficiaries: Victims of the earthquake

Duration: 1 year 

The Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) seeks is to empower people in developing countries to rise from poverty using energy from the sun. SELF works to promote the importance of sustainable energy among international development banks, aid agencies, foundations, and philanthropic individuals committed to improving the health, education, and economic prospects of the world's poorest citizens.

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Partners in Health (PIH) is a non-profit dedicated to providing quality health care to poor communities wherever they may be.

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