India: Akshaya Patra kitchen

Objective: A bio-waste management project - Recycling kitchen waste to reduce and replace hydrocarbon usage to save energy

Akshaya Patra thrives to increase children’s schooling by offering them food.

On average, a kitchen delivers 100,000 meals to children per day, representing 5 tons of waste every day. Therefore, a safe and friendly environment waste disposal system was suggested by Akshaya to convert waste into energy.

The mission is to install a ‘BioOrja’ plant with the capacity to recycle 1.5 tons of waste per day producing around 2,500kg of LPG equivalent per month.The boarding school will save €27,000 per annum thanks to this installation. 


Location: Vadodara, India

Inauguration on the 22nd of May 2014

Duration: 6 months

Status: Completed 

Akshaya Patra

Akshaya Patra LOGOAshkaya Patra is an association implanting the ‘mid-day meal’ scheme, one of the largest school lunch programmes in the world, reaching nearly 1.3 million children in the country. Kitchens are at heart of their work with 1.3 million meals prepared everyday throughout India.


Green Power System

GPS-RenewablesGPS Renewables was founded in 2010 and offers a new approach to biowaste management. GPS' inaugural business offering is a Captive Biowaste Management Solution for urban establishments with a biowaste problem. The business solution is powered by the BioOrja, a biowaste-to-energy reactor. The BioOrja has been designed keeping in mind the budget, space and other constraints that may arise in an Indian context. 


Sponsor: Sunand Sharma

Promoter: Martin Delaroche

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