India: Alstom Eco-village

Fighting poor hygienic conditions in Durgapur thanks to clean wells, energy access and a sanitation unit.

47 families (250 people) live in Mol-Danga without having access to a drainage system, adequate water or street lighting. They’re suffering from malnutrition and the lack of educational and health centres.

This project developed a comprehensive programme including the creation of one low cost sanitation unit for each family, 4 bore wells for clean water supply, the installation of 10 solar lights, a hall for children primary education and equipment for dish making from sal leaf.

This will improve the hygienic conditions of the local community. 


Location: Durgapur, India 

Duration: 1 year

Beneficiaries: 47 families 


Swami Vivekananda Vani Prachar Samity 

'Thriving for one’s salvation and for the welfare of the world’. 

Swami Vivekananda Vani Prachar Samity was established in 1984 with 80 Employee and is the service provider of social activities like free health, educational camps, and rural development services.

Sponsor: Steve Schmidt

Promoter: Anoop N. Roy

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