India - Dry gasifier

Develop and deploy dry gasifier units in 65 existing mini power plants. 

The purpose of this project is to fund the production of dry gasifier systems aiming at reducing the water consumption in the husk power plant by 80% and retro-fitting them in the 65 existing mini power plants and to reduce 8-10 tons of incense sticks from the husk char produced per power plant:per month, giving an additional income to 8 to 10 women? 

Key facts

Location: Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, India 

Duration: 1 year 

HPS Husk Power Systems

This local institution is a leader in providing renewable, affordable energy to off-grid villages, using 100% gas from biomass waste. 

Sponsor: Sunand Sharma (CP - India)

Promoter: Janak Raguraman (Power - USA)

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