India: Tara Home for girls 

The NGO ONYVA Tara aims to provide residential services, with an emphasis on education, for vulnerable children who are orphaned or whose families can no longer care for them.

ONYVA Tara has already created a home for 20 boys from 6 to 18 years old (Tara Boys), one for 20 children up to 10 years old (Tara Tots) and one for young adults over 18 years old (Tara Big Birds).

The project will create a home for 20 girls (Tara Girls) from 7 to 18 years old. ONYVA will first use part of the grant to rent an independent house in New Delhi, while seeking a long-term solution to maintain this accommodation.

At the end of this contract (31 March 2017), the parties will decide together on the evolution of the relationship.

Visit the Tara India website to find out more about Tara homes for Children


LocationNew Delhi, India

Duration: One and a half year  

Main benefits: 

  • Provide the Tara children with security and complete health care.
  • Provide them a quality education to contribute to their future.

Tara homes for ChildrenONYVA, a NGO well-known by French community in New Delhi

Chaya France NGO 

Sponsor: Patrick Ledermann

Promoter: Julien Pelcot

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