Laos: Hydropower in Phongsaly Province

Laos: Hydropower in Phongsaly Province

Objective: the electrification of remote villages thanks to hydropower, promoted by the Ministry of Energy's strategic development of rural electrification in Laos.

The Ministry's project consists of the electrification of 24 villages with low population density around the Nam Ou River in Northern region of Laos.. The Alstom Foundation has teamed up with the ESF (Electriciens sans frontières) and the EDF Foundation to enable 2 villages with electricity access, thanks to 2 different types of hydropower installations in order to ensure optimum electrical output.

In the beginning of 2015, the project is back on track after some delay and a change of the scope. ESF has identified the relevant locations to implement the project : Phone Home and Hatfay villages. This project is expected to be completed at the beginning of 2016.

Key figures:

Location: Phongsaly, Laos

Beneficiaries: 2 villages of 72 families

Status: completed

Electriciens sans frontières (ESF) is an international NGO and registered charity. 
Since 1986 it leads projects providing energy for the benefit of people whose development is compromised by the lack of secure and sustainable electrical supply.
Thanks to the expertise of its volunteers in the field of electricity, ESF aims to contribute to the improvement of living conditions for some of the world's poores populations.
ESF also make their expertise available to humanitarian NGOs for their local offices, carrying out electrical audits.

Launched in 1987, the EDF Foundation develops corporate philanthropy initiatives in the fields of solidarity, science and nature conservation in France and around the globe. Aiming to promote the development of a more humane and caring society, the Foundation fights against isolation and the prevention of economic and social exclusion, especially for young people.

Sponsor: Didier Farez

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