Mexico: Birds of Prey

Objective: create a protected habitat for birds of prey

On the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, in the state of Veracruz, sits one of the world’s biggest corridors for migratory birds, particularly birds of prey, with over a dozen species sharing the airways. This makes the corridor one of the most biologically diverse airways in Latin America. But like many other such areas, it is threatened by human activity all around it. 

The Alstom Foundation partnered with Pronatura Mexico to protect the aviary habitat by creating a Protected Conservation Area. Although the original plans called for the Area to be 100 hectares, ultimately, 186 were secured for the “Cerro Alto Gallegos”, its new name. The area features:

  • two hideouts (banding stations) which can be used by biologists to tag bird populations and follow their developments
  • special environmental and participatory education sessions with local schoolchildren
  • trails to provide easier access for park visitors with information on park biodiversity.

In 2010, a total of 576 birds of 16 species were caught and banded, their data collected, upon which the captured birds were released. 

Key facts: 

Beneficiaries: more than a dozen bird of prey species and local communities

Duration: 1 year

Location: Gulf of Mexico

ProNatura is the largest Mexican environmental conservation group, and is composed of 6 regional representations, including Pronatura Veracruz. All are non-government, nonprofit organisations dedicated to the conservation of nature in the country…

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