Alstom Foundation Project - Mexico: Promoting Green Technologies

Objective: promote sustainable ranching and environmental awareness in the Janos Valley Grasslands  

Every year, over 222 birds species breed and migrate through the Janos Valley Grasslands in Chihuahua state, Mexico. Many other species also call the grasslands their home, but overgrazing and agriculture have put tremendous strain on this ecosystem, changing its fauna and affecting the wildlife negatively.

The Alstom Foundation, in partnership with the Nature Conservancy, are working with local communities to educate them on more sustainable use of resources and grazing practices, and with local partners to help them acquire grazing rights and coordinate grass-banking efforts. The Foundation has:

  • Set up a learning centre for cost effective green technologies (energy, water, waste management)
  • set up educational programmes about the region's desert grasslands ecosystems.
  • assisted in the reintroduction of bison.
  • developed a low-cost and easy-to-build wind turbine.

Key Facts

Location: Janos, Chihuahua, Mexico

Beneficiaries: local public and ranchers

Duration: 18 months 

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