Mexico: Protection of the Papaloapan river

Protection of the Papaloapan river

The Papaloapan river, stretching on nearly 900 km, is currently threatened by the degradation of water sources, soils and the loss of one third of the forest due to livestock ranching and sugar cane production. 

A governmental Matching Fund programme is offering €400 per ha preserved. 

This project will develop a tree nursery, a 390 ha reforestation together with training a 100 people in guarding a 3,700 ha forest and clean up the riversides. 

Support to local people will also be provided thanks to the construction of 100 eco-stoves and dry latrines. 


Main benefit: Public awareness on the topic as the objective is to reach 5,000 people with the message. 

Location: Mexico 

Duration: 1 year 


EcoLogic Development Fund 

Fondo Ambiental Regional de la Chinantla, Oaxaca

Sponsor: Nicolas Moureau 

Promoteur: Patricia Moreleon 

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