Mexico: rescue and preservation of the Ambystoma Salamander

A salamander's tale: preserving an endangered species, encouraging eco-tourism and equipping a scientific centre in Mexico.

Due to the lack of management of natural resources, the Ambystoma Mexicanum salamander is endangered.
To tackle these issues, the Foundation is funding the equipment of an 'Alstom Environmental Conservation Centre': a scientific centre whose current researches include database about the salamander.

The project also promotes educational programs. Recently, some people from El Oro's community volunteered to visit our local partner 'Grupedsac' to learn about sustainable practices and materials to enhance their living conditions.
Further workshops will also offer the opportunity to produce arts and crafts and the creation of a botanic garden.

Key Facts

Location: Estado de Mexico - El Oro

Duration: 18 months

Beneficiaries: The Ambystoma Salamander, the eco-system and the researchers.



The Alstom Foundation has already worked with Grupedsac on different projects always with great outcomes. This group is a civil association concerned with sustainable welfare of Mexican land and sustainable development of the country. It provides training and development of the skills necessary to use environmentally friendly alternative technologies which can increase self-sufficiency of water, food, shelter and energy.


REDES – Protection of species

Sponsor: Cintia Angulo
Promoter: Edgar Esquivel Quiroga.

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