Mexico:La Patrona Community Kitchen

Empowerment and infrastructure for a group of  women in extreme poverty at La Patrona, who develop humanitarian actions in favour of their community. 

Step 1: Assess the needs of the women in order to efficiently aid their humanitarian work. 

Step 2: Visit of Grupedsac's site centre to understand the benefits of a appropriate technologies in order to satisfy their own basic needs of water, food, housing and energy. 

Step 3: Provide an ecological kitchen where the women of La Patrona group can efficiently and hygienically cook the food they donate thanks to 2 solar stoves, ferrocement shelves, sinks, leds and a grey water installation system. Recycling and the use of a biodegradable soap were also put in place. 

Step 4: To train the beneficiaries and build the needed premises such as the kitchen, dormitory, WC, showers, storage room, water collection cistern, a veranda, and a rope pump for the well. 

Thanks to all these improvements, the project became an example for the community, where visitors can witness sustainable living solutions and replicate them. 

Key Facts

Location: Veracruz, Mexico

Beneficiaries: 20 families directly impacted and the Veracruz community 

Duration: 1 year 


FM4 Paso Libre: 

A non-profit organization made up of an interdisciplinary group of committed volunteer working  in conjunction with people who live in the vicinity of the Mexican border, and improve educational institutions, research centres and network of interested donors


Sponsor: Antonio Flores (Power - Mexico)

Promoter: Cintia Angulo (CP - Mexico)

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