Morocco: Sustainable mobility for human development and labour insertion

Partnering with a Spanish foundation, we will support an on-going project (mid-phase) which consists in prototype pilot testing of a system (electric bikes with trailers) for the movement of goods for people of limited resources, in areas where the distance between population centers are high.
The project is piloting primarily in Morocco, and then in Senegal. It includes solar panel provision for battery charging and (in Senegal) for solar water pumping by day. Twelve people will be direct beneficiaries of this early phase. 


Location: Morocco & Senegal

Duration: 12 months


Partner: Fundacion Ingenieros de ICAI para el Desarrollo

Sponsor: Marcos Coca Sola, Engineering Director SPP - Madrid

Promoter: Gema Ramirez Vargas - Innovation Project Engineer - Madrid

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