Mozambique: Mocumbi Mission water supply

Objective : Mocumbi Mission water supply

The Foundation teamed up with the Franciscan Sisters to provide water and crops to 90 children thanks to the installation of solar pumps and elevated tanks.

The Franciscan Sisters thrives to recover infrastructure, sanitation, agriculture activities and thereby reconstructs the social tissue devastated by civil war. In southern Mozambique, this mission takes place in Inhambane province, 133km away from the capital.

The project aims at giving water access to a secondary school (90 children) through rainwater collection and storage (elevated tank), the installation of a solar pump and an irrigation system. A 5 hectares agricultural area will be irrigated making the growth of vegetables a possibility for the school's children meals.


The first stage of the operation included the restoration of water supply pipes, the collection of rainwater and the installation of an irrigation system.


Location: Mocumbi, Distric of Inhambane 

Duration: 1 year

Status: Completed

Beneficiaries: 90 children

Amigos de Inharrime Espana

Partner mozambique amigos de Inharrime 2012The charity works towards the development of communities, mainly in the district of Inharrime. Its main missions focus on nutrition, education, access to drinkable water and healthcare.

Jordi Carbonell

Promoter: Eduardo Portus

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