Senegal: Renewable energy for women through micro-finance

This project focuses on women in 2 rural areas of Senegal, in order to allow them to develop a new micro-economic and sustainable pillar in their day-to-day activities. Through the provision of microfinance services, the program aims to facilitate access to solar energy by: 
  • developing a local offer of microfinance to overcome the financial barrier to investment in solar energy;
  • building local networks of agents in charge of distributing solar solutions and after-sales services;
  • strengthening rural women’s capacities to take economic benefit from their solar solutions and finances.

This will also reduce the use and the cost of kerosene for rural lighting and establish a local supply chain. 


Location: Thies & Tambacounda - Senegal

Duration: 24 months


Partner: PAMIGA (Groupe Microfinance Participative pour l'Afrique)

Sponsor: Pierre Luquet - Project Manager PRASA - South Africa

Promoter: Irma Padilla - International Mobility Coordinator - Paris

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