Alstom Foundation project - Eco-schools in South Africa

Objective: Educate children on the environment. 

South Africa has a flourishing programme well underway to teach children in poor townships to care for and respect the local environment, which leads to healthier living. 

In five schools serving 5,000 underprivileged school children in the Western Cape, Alstom underwrote a programme to instruct students in indigenous vegetation, growing food, composting and soil erosion, recycling and saving water and energy. 

Update—September 2009

Each school has been equipped with water tanks and irrigation systems and containers were distributed to encourage recycling. Now focus is shifting to organising field trips for the students, such as to nature reserves. Gardens have been created to use as educational tools, helping to teach maths, language and basic gardening principles. With its goals accomplished, the Alstom Foundation brought this project to a close, but visit our blog to get updates on the schools. 

Key Facts  

Beneficiaries:  Underprivileged children 
Location: Cape Town 
Duration: 2008/2010 

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