South Africa: Sustainable Cultural Platforms in Capetonian Schools

Promote music in disadvantaged schools


The Alstom Foundation is supporting two schools in South Africa in the Western Cape by offering architectural facilities for the development of cultural and academic activities. Two schools have been chosen: Steenberg High in Steenberg and Wesbank Primary in Delft.

Alstom Foundation will support Steenberg High within an ambitious architectural upgrading program which consists of two phases:

  • 1st phase: creation of an outdoor covered music pavilion in the central courtyard of the school premises. The structure designed by the architects together with learners use recycled wood and plastic materials. The collected rainwater is meant to serve to water the garden.
  • 2nd phase: construction of an indoor arts and culture centre with a small auditorium and practice rooms for students to develop various cultural activities.

At Wesbank Primary in Delft, the project offers a colorful and playful outdoor space with a small stage in an existing area that currently consists of bare sand with no vegetation or enclosures.

The funding from Alstom turns out to be crucial to support local community development.


Main benefits: 

Music as an opportunity to offer social upgrading and life skills
Access to musical and theatrical entertainment 

Location: Cape Town 

Duration: 18 months 

The partners of these two projects are Musiquelaine South Africa and Building For Climate architects.

  • Musiquelaine South Africa has created an excellent music project in Steenberg High in alignment with their promotion of music education amongst disadvantaged youth. The new instruments for Steenberg were purchased with funding from AAD, African Artists for Development.
  • Building For Climate is an architectural practice based in Paris. Its design works in Africa contribute to local sustainable development by using recycled and environmentally-friendly materials.

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