South Africa: the Micro-Energy Alliance Project

Objective: provide inexpensive energy efficient and renewable energy solutions

Along with South Africa’s economic growth, its energy consumption has increased tremendously over the last decade, and the government has pledged to provide the entire population with electricity. But in a country where people live on less than 2 Eur a day, it must remain affordable to be a viable solution for low income households. It is to answer that need that the Alstom Foundation teamed up with PlaNet Finance and NGO Sustainable Energy Africa to create the Micro Energy Alliance (MEA).

MEA is a micro-franchise retail distribution channel to propose Energy Efficient and Renewable Energy (EE&RE) solutions- such as insulation systems, LED solar lamps, solar water heaters, and efficient stoves- to low income households in South Africa. The MeA acts by

  • carrying out market research,  
  • sourcing EERE solutions,  
  • facilitating business training 
  • providing micro-finance options for micro-franchisees and households, boosting the local economy. 

Key facts

Location: Gauteng

Beneficiaries: 12 entrepreneurs 

PlaNet Finance

PlaNet Finance is a Paris-based international aid organization dedicated to fighting poverty through microfinancing, and operating in 80 countries.

Sustainable Energy Africa

Sustainable Energy Africa promotes sustainable energy approaches and practices in the development of South Africa and Africa.

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